Urban Photo Fest 2016

Our international festival is now in its ninth year, and I am pleased to announce the dates of this year’s event will be Thursday 3 – Monday 7 November.  The UPF has evolved through a number of conversations, research initiatives and exhibitions involving a wide range of partners and contributors from the areas of visual arts, photography and film, education, urban research and the social sciences. Originally, the festival started out as a series of annual Urban Encounters symposia held at Tate Britain and has broadened out to include seminars, workshops, masterclasses, walks, exhibitions and portfolio reviews.

This year, the festival will focus on Photography, Memory and the Archive, collaborating with Tate Britain, Goldsmiths, Kingston and Falmouth Universities, Westminster Kingsway College, the Urban Photographers’ Association (UPA), London Independent Photography (LIP), Openvizor, International Urban Photography Summer School (iUPSS), the Old Deptford Police Station, Lewisham Art House, APT Gallery, and Greenwich Gallery. We have also programmed a masterclass examining the relationship between urban space and memory.

UrbanPhotoFest is also pleased to welcome Tanya Houghton as our festival artist. Tanya will concentrate on how diaspora food cultures create conditions and sites of collective memory, and she will be offering a workshop and installation as part of the festival exhibition programme.
In addition to the main conference which will be held on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 November, we are offering a series of walks on Sunday, where participants will be encouraged to consider how urban spaces relate to social memory, and how notions of ‘archive’ are shifting and developing as the digital age impacts on cultures of making. There will also be photographic exhibitions at a number of London venues, and more details of the exhibitions programme will follow shortly.

Finally, we launched our inaugural UrbanPhotoFest Open at the beginning of January. Building on last year’s Conference, the first Open focuses on the theme of (re:)Thinking the Streets; so if you are interested in making images about street spaces that mean something to you, visit the Open website and start working to get your images uploaded and out there.

Paul Halliday
Creative Director

Urban Photo Fest 2016

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