Urban Photographers Brighton is for those who are interested in a diverse range of urban photographic practices/image making that include landscape, portraiture, documentary, fine art, architectural, material objects and street-based practice, and who are keen to create thought-provoking narratives that speak to the wider concerns of the twenty-first century city.

Urban Photographers Brighton is a forum that brings together photographers, artists, urbanists and researchers who are seeking to participate in interdisciplinary conversations, thereby supporting each other in the creation of rich and engaging visual narratives about urban life.  Some of the key themes we may include in our discussions are:

•    Space and Place
•    Neoliberalism/Financialisation
•    Community
•    Identity
•    Right to the City
•    Gender and the Public Space

We actively encourage conversations between photographic practice and other knowledge areas because we believe that photographic practice, informed by an engagement with cultural and social theory, is able to facilitate a deeper narrative about the city.  In his book, ‘Occam’s Razor: An Outside-in View of Contemporary Photography’, Bill Jay considers the photographic image as a ‘slippery object’, a vehicle that encourages us to slide into other knowledge areas, allowing us to reflect on and make sense of issues.  It is this interdisciplinarity that enables us to produce new knowledge and understandings about the city.

To assist us in our quest for deeper narratives, we will encourage members to read articles, join us in some of our events and activities, and most of all, to discuss our work and share our ideas.